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Ghosts on the Mountain


Ghosts On The Mountain examines the isolated lifestyle of H2A guest workers in the American West. The film's subjects leave family and native lands to work in the United States on H2A work visas, or no visas at all. Surrounded by breathtaking vistas, these workers find themselves in solitude and loneliness. This isolation is heightened by language barriers and the remoteness of the sheep’s pasture lands. (26 min)

The Sun is Heavy


A triptych exploration of labor, hope and the American Dream. Seen through the eyes of a few of the people who seek to obtain it. (12 min)



An aging veteran returns to Vietnam after 45 years to explore the remnants of war in his life. (17 min)

That Old Familiar Spirit


A frontier widow faces twin horrors; a looming winter and her late husband rising from the grave. Directed by Hunter Phillips.



A shepherd in the Gaza Strip finds himself trapped on a land mine. Directed By Nick Dixon.

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Paper Hat Films is comprised of filmmakers Jared and Carly Jakins, and some of their closest friends. We are a group of filmmakers dedicated to intimate, genuine stories. We are passionate about everyday experiences, family, and education. We enjoy examining life at home (beautiful central Utah) and around the world.